What We Offer    

With 16 years of project experience, MEB has built projects for customers under few types of contract frameworks,

creating a track record.Working with government, municipal and private sector, MEB has developed the ability to understand the operational and financial needs of its clients.

MEB position itself on its track record of successful co-operation with developers, contractors, operators and joint venture partners. MEB views partnerships as the key to its consistent record of delivering complex projects on-time,

within-budget and to spec.



Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC),

MEB assumes responsibility for all project phases until the plant is up and running, including engineering, supplying of equipment to site, supervision of erection, commissioning and start-up.

Our partnership models are designed to help customers manage risk and reduce cost. Through Public Private Partnership (PPP) structures, the customer, who may have limited experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of the projects, transfers risk to experts with the skills required to plan, manage, execute and operate these complex undertakings.



Engineering, Procurement and Support (EPS),

MEB assumes responsibilities for the design and procurement phases of the project including support services and remote monitoring.

Our models include strategic partnerships, Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Build-Operate-Own (BOO) and others. Within these frameworks, MEB accepts responsibility for building the project, and then operating the facility under a long-term concession after which the plant is transferred to the customer.

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