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  • No Water No Life

    No water obviously means end of life, but apathy and shortsightedness stunningly dominates our dealing with increasing shortage of the planet’s most precious liquid. Life giving water is running out. The problem of water shortage is serious and this will create many problems for agriculture and animal husbandry. Global population will increase and the number of people living in urban areas will more than double. Most of the world's population growth will occur in developing countries where water is already critically short and many of the residents are impoverished. Even today people do not have access to safe and affordable drinking water and perhaps twice that many lack adequate sanitation services. In fact, inadequate drinking water quality is a leading cause of infant mortality worldwide.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    Energy and resource efficiency improves profitability in competitive economic times, yet Africa, the home to 17% of the world’s population, accounts for the lowest global power and water supply investment. Water and Energy are the two greatest powers that drive the industry. The battle for a clean, adequate supply of potable water has escalated and one of the major drivers for the success of Africa’s sustainable development goals are tied to the provision of increased water supply. Energy Efficient desalination and wastewater reuse plants are sure to rapidly assist with achieving equal access to basic services for all and simultaneously creating crucial job opportunities for the less fortunate. Falling behind on water supply could be a bane to Africa’s great potential and will require breaking away from conventional methods of solving the continents challenges. Speak to our team of experts today, to fast-track the restoration of dignity and boost rural water and power supply in your community.

  • High-recovery Reverse Osmosis

    Africa has the biggest number of water-scarce communities than any other continent on the globe, and much of the continent depends on rainfall and surface water for their water supply. Africa has 54 countries and of those 39 have a coastline, which further underpins the use of desalination as prime driver to supplement potable water supply. Aging infrastructure is one of the fundamental causes fueling Africa’s water shortage. We can help you establish a way to modernize your current infrastructure and integrate it with a more advanced energy efficient solution.

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  • MEB Engineering Procurement Construction

    MEB is a leading global provider of innovative water supply and wastewater treatment solutions in challenging environments View More About Us MEB provides project implementation services for a complete project lifecycle. We provide integrated services and turnkey solutions using advanced technologies in water , energy and oil and gas sectors . We support our customers in municipal , industrial and commercial markets. Learn More MEB helps customers cope efficiently with resource scarcity As resources shrink, municipalities and companies must cope with issues of scarcity. But they need to do so while balancing technology, operational efficiency and cost control. ​ In the fields of water, power, energy and oil and gas – that is where MEB comes in. We are a global solutions company, operating in Africa, Europe and the Middle East and provides effective solutions, implementation and management, of complex projects. Our Solutions We offer an integrated range of professional services and turnkey projects, from early-stage evaluation, through design, engineering, procurement, supply, construction and delivery, to ongoing support and optimization of all project aspects and related assets. ​ We have earned our position as one of the industry’s most trusted and leading provider by relying on a distinctive business approach that supports every aspect of the project lifecycle. Engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) Developing ground-breaking solutions to enhance resources, reduce costs, save energy, limit environmental impact to improve the quality of life. Learn More > Supply and implementation Building on years of experience in design, development and integration of innovative technologies with professional services for enhanced efficiency. Learn More > Project Management Providing unique know-how and expertise with highest operational standards and exceptional human capital to alleviate resource scarcity. Learn More > Operation and support Optimizing working processes, to minimize operations gaps, improving work conditions and achieving cost control with high quality results. Learn More > Our solutions for the entire project lifecycle A revolutionary approach to water supply To cope with a crippling and prolonged drought crisis, MEB installed a containerized desalination plant at Richards Bay, South Africa. The project was completed in just seven months. The containers were easily transported to the designated location. ​ With minimal civil construction requirements, installing was quickly completed, connecting the plant to existing infrastructure. ​ The plant supplies 10,000 m3 of desalinated water per day, augmenting the domestic water supply, providing relief to the community. All Case Studies Experience and sectors WATER Profile Water and wastewater treatment, desalination for municipal, industrial and commercial applications. More >> ENERGY Profile End-to-end services for renewable energy and large scale projects in the power and energy industries. More >> GAS & OIL Profile Engineering, procurement and construction services for oil and gas generation and infrastructure projects. More >> Our Sectors News and Media 2 days ago 1 min High-recovery Reverse Osmosis Africa has the biggest number of water-scarce communities than any other continent on the globe, and much of the continent depends on... 3 0 5 days ago 1 min Day Zero - Water Shortage Day Zero, the day when the municipal water supply is expected to run out, could be approaching sooner than expected as cities in South... 4 0 6 days ago 1 min Meeting the challenges of water security during drought conditions with Desalination Desalination has been proposed as one of many strategies to deal with the water shortages, as climate-independent source of drinking... 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 More News

  • Contact Us | MEB

    Mayfair on the lake, 5 Park lane, Parkside, Umhlanga 4319 South Africa ​ Tel: +27 (31) 100 1200 ​ Mail: 141 Marginal Avenue, Torres Rani, 8th floor, Maputo Mozambique Tel: +258 (85) 201 2694 ​ Mail: Social Media Get in Touch Please fill out the form below with any questions or for more information about our products and solutions. I agree to the terms & conditions Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • About Us | MEB

    About MEB MEB headquarter is a global provider of project implementation and management solutions with over 16 years of experience and a proven successful track record in the water, energy, oil & gas sectors for municipal, industrial and business customers. ​ We operate in a wide range of locations around the world including Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Effective solutions for diverse projects Operations and Support MEB develops long-term relationships, partnering with customers and suppliers to develop innovative technologies and services, enhancing mutual success and business growth. ​ Our core business is achieved through cost-effective and high-quality project execution. Project Management Engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) Supply and Implementation MEB's Core Values Quality, Service & Safety The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority. We provide optimal execution and maximal efficiency throughout, facilitated by exceptional human capital, cutting edge technologies, and highest operational standards. Trusted partnership and transparency Reliable, professional transparency in all working processes. Viewing our business relationships with a collaborative partnership approach, we are committed to a full discourse with our customers and suppliers. Accountability & Results Hands on involvement in every accountability aspect of the project. A clear focus on client satisfaction and high-quality result delivery at every step. Monitoring and reporting for continued efficiency Corporate responsibility Corporate social responsibility is measured in terms of businesses improving conditions for their employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment. MEB takes a proactive approach to considering this aspect in every sector in which we operate. We continuously seek new, cost-effective and efficient ways to assist our customers in facilitating social and environmental improvements. We do so with the implementation of our eco-friendly technologies in our projects. The people of MEB share a strong sense of passion for new opportunities with our customers and suppliers. Leadership When it comes to water resource management, communities worldwide struggle to balance ecological water needs with higher demands and lower profitability margins. ​ By providing proven technologies to reduce the ever-increasing shortage in safe drinking water and its transportation to remote locations, MEB intercepts local water usage challenges. By discharging superior quality effluent and exploring water recycling solutions, we enable financially efficient, safe, and sustainable potable water supply while decreasing the environmental impact. At MEB we pride ourselves on building strong relationships across the market, by introducing evolving treatment standards with proven emerging technologies to assist with access to potable water. We bring state-of-the-art, internationally acclaimed industrial and domestic water treatment technology to the forefront. Want to know more about our services? Contact us today to hear more details Contact

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