Water Resource Management

The distribution of water on the Earth’s surface is extremely uneven. Only 3% of water on the surface is fresh; the remaining 97% resides in the ocean. Of freshwater, 69% resides in glaciers, 30% underground, and less than 1% is in lakes, rivers, and swamps. Collectively, only one percent of the water on the Earth’s surface is usable by humans, and 99% of the usable quantity is situated underground.

Water resources management refers to a whole range of different activities: planning, development, distribution and the optimal management of water resources, by controlling water usage and the quality of water.

Water scarcity is being driven by the rise in freshwater use and depletion of available freshwater resources. Water use has been growing globally at more than double the rate of population increase in the last century, and an increasing number of regions are reaching the limit at which water services can be sustainably delivered, especially in water stressed regions. Water scarcity will be exacerbated as rapidly growing urban areas impose heavy pressure on groundwater resources.

There are 100 countries sharing the surface waters of 13 large waterbodies. At a global scale, 31 countries are already short of water and by 2025 there will be 48 countries facing serious water shortages. The UN has estimated that by the year 2050, 4 billion people will be seriously affected by water shortages.

MEB provides operations and management oversight services for regulated water, wastewater, and industrial sites throughout Water, Wastewater, and Industrial Systems. We combine with the overarching goal of saving lives and advancing the development of communities in Africa, through improvements in water supply, hygiene and efficient energy systems.

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