Turning Crisis into Opportunity

The current and future decisions executives will make in response to freshwater scarcity will infiltrate almost every aspect of the economy. The multiple solutions available highlight the complexity of coping with water scarcity. The rapid increase in population, megacities, agriculture production and climate change are increasing rivalry for fresh water and the need for safe water to sustain the health of the consumers.

Our experts have briefly summarised the best ways to curb water shortages so that you can sit back and relax:

  • Educate to change perception and lifestyles

We believe that changing the face of a crisis involves education to motivate new strides. There are many misconceptions surrounding new or emerging technologies, and we are here to solve them.

  • Implement new water and wastewater technologies

More efficient desalination and wastewater systems, such as the NIROBOXTM and MABR are ideal solutions to modern problems.

  • Reuse wastewater

We know that wastewater is a valued source and urge municipalities to take on a new mind-set for wastewater treatment.

  • Improve irrigation and agricultural practices

The majority of the world’s freshwater is used for agriculture. Improving irrigation can help close supply and demand gaps.

  • Appropriately price water

Water pricing and rights go hand in hand. Our experience working in many different environments, shows that Southern African utility pricing systems are obsolete and need reform.

  • Community-based governance and partnerships

Community organizations spotlight the experiences of those whose voices merit more weight, in order to give unrepresented groups, at grassroots-level, more stature.

Start your sustainability journey right here with us and let us map out the route to your continued success.

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