The Power of the Brew: Renewables & Water Reuse

Customers want a better and cleaner world where the beverages they consume are environmentally sustainable. Brewing is a water and energy-intensive process. Wastewater, sludge and effluents are the negative by-products from the brewing process. Increased efforts have been made to reduce the quantity of water and energy used up in the production of a litre of beer produced in breweries, due to water scarcity and to comply with global water efficiency in beer production.

Many Breweries around the world have pledged to reduce CO2 Emissions, with energy and water costs being among the top costs incurred by breweries. The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) 2021 reports, that 17 large beverage companies used 730 billion litres of water in 2020. The world's largest brewer has committed to reduce its carbon footprint by 30 percent, which means they would obtain their six terawatt-hour annual energy demand entirely from renewable sources by 2025.

Conventional brewing is not a sustainable practice and early data for 2022 shows that brewery closures are on the rise and some sales have been declining, according to the Brewers Association. Brewery plants have been known to cause pollution by discharging effluent into receiving streams, groundwater and soil water consumption for breweries generally ranges from 4-8 cubic meters per cubic meter of beer produced. Production steps include malt production, wort production and beer production. Worldwide, the beverage industry consumes thousands of cubic meters of water every year and about 40 per cent of that number is sourced from groundwater.

Thus, deploying efficient water treatment and energy supply solutions in this sector will have a large impact on environmental sustainably, greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption. CO2 emissions are usually related to the generation of raw materials used to make beer, adding that this breakthrough transformation, is already helping change the energy sector narrative in emerging markets, such as Africa.

We specialize in innovation partnerships that focus on treating waste and setting up appropriate measurement tools to accurately counter greenhouse gas emissions and start logging progresses made in the production cycle. The quality of water is our priority and the quantity of energy our focus.

Our competent and committed engineers can help you bring your business closer to sustainability with our environmentally friendly and simple to operate energy and water solutions.

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