The importance of Municipal Wastewater Reuse in a Circular Economy

As many sectors in developing nations gear up to align with global net-zero goals, the term “Circular Economy”, and where to start with the implementation of technologies related to the sustainability of current resources, have become pivotal in planning for a greener more sustainable future.

Industrialised and emerging economies with diverse industries and complex environments, require flexible solutions for a variety of applications. A key sector that is benefiting from wastewater reuse is the municipal wastewater sector, as well as other industries that have the potential to be generators of large amounts of waste.

But what impact does the effective use of recycled wastewater have on pollution and potable water supply in rural and urban areas?

Reducing environmental impact, Reduce demands and stress on freshwater supply, Eliminating the need to transport water, Improving sustainability, Avoiding expensive non-compliance fees, Economic growth and job creation through the access to basic services.

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