South African Water Security

Water services and sanitation (wastewater) are the biggest concern in terms of backlogs in all provinces, particularly Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal.

The South African Water Security Framework forms part of the implementation framework for the National Development Plan Vision 2030 (NDP) and the overall strategic objective to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and address unemployment. For these backlogs to be addressed or eradicated, an alternative or a combination of funding models is needed. The total capital required (for new as well as maintaining and upgrading of existing infrastructure) to meet current backlogs and projected future demand continuously increases with population growth.

Water security has been a major issue in South Africa, however, it has recently posed an increased risk to the development and health of communities. The National Water Security Framework (NWSF) responds to the question of the extent of the threat and the actions required in the short, medium and long term to mitigate or offset the threat. It frames a national pathway to a water secure country up to 2050 to enable inclusive economic growth, poverty eradication and reducing inequality, in line with the National Development Plan (NDP) imperatives.

The NWSF addresses the following urgent actions needed to combat water insecurity:

  • Identifying future water sources for the growing population, economic development and the attendant future water resources development and wastewater management (including sanitation) options;

  • the development, operation and maintenance of water and sanitation infrastructure;

  • the management of water quality and water supply services, as well as the resilience to climate change and its associated impacts; and

  • water conservation and water demand management as a consistent national paradigm.

We have strategically positioned ourselves as leader in innovation to enable a growing nation access to new and advanced technology. MEB understands that the private sector and water services providers need to work together to implement intelligent solutions for the growing water demand and ongoing climatic crisis. New and more efficient technology is South Africa’s water lifeline to enable access to clean, reusable and plentiful water resources. Our professional staff is here to answer all your questions pertaining to the betterment of South Africa’s water and economic growth.

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