Open Defecation in informal Settlements of Sub-Saharan Africa

The availability of clean water, proper sanitation can reduce poverty - in the most developing countries open defecation is a 'mode of life'. Open defecation refers to the practice of defecating in fields, forests, bushes, bodies of water, or other open spaces. The practice of open defecation is integrated in the day-to-day life of the people especially in the rural areas. In 2020, more than 5% of the population still practiced open defecation in 55 countries. 197 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa still practiced open defection due to poor water and sanitation.

Defecating in the open is an indignity and risk to children’s nutrition and to communal health. The elimination of open defecation is recognised as a right-of-way for improving health, nutrition, and productivity for populations and is explicitly mentioned in SDG target 6.2.

While open defecation was in practice, many women specially mothers (98%) did not know how to dispose of their children's feces safely. Under the goal #6, by 2030 there is to be an expansion of “international cooperation and capacity-building support” to developing countries in water- and sanitation-related activities.

Water and sanitation services are at the heart of the technical competencies of MEB and we have achieved a wide range of service delivery solutions to a variety of communities in Africa. We understand that water availability is an important matter, encompassing the biophysical supply of water, the demand for water, and access to water to enable the equitable use and access to a finite source that should be serviceable in all locations.

Our solutions are modular and contain technology with market-leading, efficient and community orientated designs to enable clear and distinct prefabricated technology that are manufactured with utmost care, to provide the best quality water and wastewater in the sector.

MEB is a prime technology partner that implement sound solutions for any challenge at hand.

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