Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR): Radical Improvement in Aerobic Wastewater Quality

The MABR is a high energy efficiency treatment solution that increases treatment capacity, compared to traditional wastewater treatment systems.

The MABR process is a fixed-film configuration where the biofilm grows on the membrane, and the oxygen is fed directly into the biofilm in ‘bubbleless’ molecular form via the semipermeable membrane. Wastewater aeration is the process of increasing air content in the wastewater to allow aerobic biodegradation of the pollutants in the wastewater and is an important component of most biological wastewater treatment systems. MABR’S low-pressure, passive aeration offers significant energy savings over conventional, high-pressure aeration. It is an intensive (low-footprint) biological treatment solution.

In municipal wastewater treatment, aeration is also a part of the secondary treatment process.

Wastewater treatment facilities’ energy costs have risen over the past two decades. Aeration is one of the primary tools for the treatment of wastewater, especially the secondary treatment phase. Aeration and its electrical systems consume anywhere from 40 to 80% of a plant’s power. The demand can vary widely from plant to plant depending on specific circumstances of the site. In a large plant or one with heavy mixing requirements, banks of blowers of many surface aerators guzzle up many kilowatts per hour.

Decentralized MABR systems are domestic, individual and modular containerized wastewater facilities that provide wastewater treatment services to residents. In decentralized wastewater treatment, wastewater can be treated onsite with the MABR technology.

We can help you accelerate natural processes and eliminate water-borne illnesses with remarkable energy savings over conventional municipal systems. Speak to us about your municipal wastewater treatment requirements.

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