Fresh Water plant for Greater Maputo (Mozambique)

Based on needs for rapid delivery, fast set-up, and immediate deployment. We work with multi-source equipment suppliers from Germany, Holland, Italy and Israel. The plant treats river water to potable quality, leveraging our full suite of integration tools, including design strategy, to deliver the project safely and to the highest standards. Water sanitation is maintained through cost-effective chlorine generation on-site for high quality sanitated water, reducing OPEX. Ideal for remote locations or river applications, the plant is fully automated and can be remotely monitored with minimal maintenance.

The project enables water, time, cost and footprint savings, while mitigating the water shortage in Africa.

MEB met the challenge of supplying a pumping station intake and a water treatment system in an extremely short delivery time. The self-contained flexible system can be mobilized at a

competitive cost compared with long-term standard equipment packages. Although it is

temporary, it is robust enough in comparison with permanent systems only more efficient, more productive and leaner – with a smaller footprint and lower civil engineering cost.

In tandem, the project aims to alleviate the regional water shortage problem by supplying clean water to 1 million people, saving time and cost.

Capacity: 30,000 m3 per day

Technology: Fresh Water

Project type: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, (EPC) and O&M

Location: Greater Maputo, Sabie, Mozambique

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