Distribution of Water Resources

Structural and terrestrial distribution of water resources has been a classic factor in the development of human societies and communities. Although the land was extremely arid, ancient Egypt was able to develop because the source of the Nile River. The distribution, availability and uses of fresh water vary throughout Africa and there are several strategies for increasing water supply, reducing water use and power consumption.

Science and technology as a human endeavor has contributed to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues – many of these solutions may have an impact on other areas of society and involve ethical considerations and understanding the influences of development practices in areas of economic activity such as industry, agriculture and marine and terrestrial resource management.

Geographical knowledge and an understanding of environmental resources including renewable, non-renewable and sustained resources, have different effects and significance, especially water a resource that links places and communities together through the distribution cycle. Understandably so, water is a difficult resource to manage because it moves through intricate systems, whether man-made or natural. This essential but collective resource has competing uses and is highly variable over space and time.

It is important to engage project partners that take into consideration many aspects that are important in designing water and implementation solutions that cater for a broad range of population dynamics and resource capacities.

MEB is a pioneer in desalination, aquifer recharge and storage, wastewater reclamation, as well las collecting, managing and analysing important parameters for key water resources, needed to improve the lives of many.

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