MEB is a leading global provider of effective management and implementation solutions for complex projects in the fields of Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, and Water.

With headquarters in Europe MEB is a global provider of implementation and management solutions for complex projects in the fields of Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, and Water. With over 10 years of experience and a proven successful track record, MEB operates and manages projects in a wide range of locations around the world including Africa, Europe and Middle East.



Building on years of experience, we work together with our client and partners to design and develop innovative technologies and services that improve their business today and into the future.

Through its affiliated companies, MEB offers a wide range of designated effective solutions

to clients enabling a smooth execution and a streamlined process.

From engineering and construction to technology transfer and risk management and much more, MEB covers the operational and the management aspects of each of the projects in which it is involved, working with the client from the initial development stage to execution and beyond.

MEB Energy Company Introduction
Case Study: Off-Grid Solutions




Construction, management and implementation of large scale projects for Power & Energy industries



MEB specializes in advanced water related project implementation, offering innovative solutions & services to both industrial and municipal sectors

Oil & Gas

With advanced capabilities and vast experience in complex projects in the field of Oil & Gas

" Corporate social responsibility is measured in terms of businesses improving conditions for their employees, shareholders, communities, and environment.

We take a proactive approach to business area in which we operate,

and are continuously seeking new, cost-effective and efficient ways to assist our clients.

 Together, the people of MEB share a strong sense of passion for new opportunities.